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Tree Care

Trusted Tree Care in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Total Tree Care

Because trees naturally grow and flourish in forests, you may think that your trees will take care of themselves. When planted in our backyards and in urban areas, however, trees need proper care to keep them healthy and growing beautifully.
At McClain’s Tree Experts, we offer complete tree care services to help you take care of your trees. Our services will help your trees remain free from disease and insect damage, allowing them to give you shade for many years to come.
trees and lake
manicured trees

Tree Trimming

Regular pruning and trimming don’t just remove dead or diseased branches, improving the health, appearance, and overall condition of your trees. This maintenance will also cut out hazardous branches, preventing damage to your home, porch, and family during storms.
Our professionals have experience with various types of trees. They will prune your trees safely and effectively so you can feel at ease.

Specialized Live Oak Trimming

No one wants to see their magnificent live oak tree begin to die as disease eats away at leaves, turning them brown. Because live oak trees are especially susceptible to oak wilt, incorrect trimming can be disastrous. Avoid this scenario and enlist our tree experts.
With our specially trained, licensed technicians, you won’t have to worry about disease overtaking your oak tree. Instead, you can focus on enjoying your spring and summer in the shade. Our professionals will give your tree specialized care to prevent disease and promote healthy growth.

Deep Root Fertilizing

In a forest environment, trees thrive in rich, organic soil from fallen leaves and other material. In our yards, however, we rake away those leaves, forcing our trees to compete with our lawns and other plants for the nutrients they need. Because of this competition, your trees need some extra care to get the nourishment they need to flourish.
Our deep root fertilizer gives your trees the nutrients they’re missing, improving their resistance to disease, insect damage, stressful weather, and other harm. With this extra source of nutrition, your trees will look fuller and be stronger.

Cabling and Bracing

Is your tree leaning precariously to one side? Our technicians can help correct the growth of your tree with cabling and bracing, protecting your home and family. Cabling and bracing also strengthen weak limbs in your tree and reduce stress from high winds and heavy foliage.
With cabling and bracing, you’ll be able to depend on your tree for strength and leave any worries about danger behind.
trees and sky during the fall season
stack of logs in forrest

Crane Service

Does your tree have limbs threatening your roof or nearby power lines? With our crane service, our technicians can provide tree trimming and care to safely remove large limbs in dangerous locations. With those threatening limbs carefully removed, you can rest easy and continue to enjoy your majestic tree.

Keep Your Trees Looking Beautiful

Proper tree care keeps your trees growing gracefully and solidly. You can trust our licensed technicians to tend your trees so you can enjoy their beauty. Let us start taking care of your tree today. Call us for a free estimate.